Our Work

Aafaaq Foundation has a two-path theory of change. We believe that community cannot be looked at in segregation and the realms of education and livelihood should be amalgamated to achieve autonomy and self-sustainability.


At first, we connect with the promising and bright individuals (on-ground facilitators) of a community and place them in the schools. They are coached regularly so that they are able to create student owned learning environment and support students in their learning pathway. The facilitators then start working on whole school transformation by working with teachers and SMCs. Through this process we take the stakeholder’s (i.e parents, teachers, community members) buy-in through regular interactions and engagements.


After that, we work towards aggregating the community and channelize certain avenues to generate and increase the revenue in the community. The locals, especially the youth are oriented to develop certain skills as per the requirement to support them to earn their livelihood. The revenue is then pooled back into the community to support the education structure and the members of the community.

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